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SCADA refers to Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It is a system that enables monitoring the widespread plants from a single center via the devices such as; computer, mobile phone or tablet. The supervisory control can be performed via multiple computers or mobile device using network connection. The most commonly used SCADA software types are; WinCC, Citect, ICONICS, iFIX, Indusoft, Entivity Studio.

The point of SCADA is monitoring, supervising, report and data acquisition, and controlling all productions steps from a single center. Thanks to these features it offers, SCADA has wide range of area of usage. As a result of recent developments and cost reduction in the field of computer and communication technologies, automation of electricity distribution systems has become economically available. For example, with distribution and water automation enable remote control and supervising of the water supply network in a fast and effective way. Consequently, it will be possible to provide safer, continuous and high-quality electric power distribution and water supply networks. System information can be archived the most effective and low-priced operating procedure is provided by using statistical reports. Using for supervisory control and data acquisition, SCADA systems, along with several control tools (RTU, PLC, etc…) that supervise the process (raw material, production and product checking and etc..) in the factory, set up a substructure of concerning production control and tracking. Integrating Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPI) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with the substructure, an ideal structure, as much as the substructure’s capacity, could be provided. The main purpose is to ensure more productivity and higher quality, with lower cost. Making the best of the facilities in organization could be possible if administrators have comprehensive knowledge of organization and production. SCADA software packages serves as substructure software in the industrial facilities and by connecting the networks inside or outside of factory, it enables all components of the company to work smoothly. SCADA provides everyone in the organization with comprehensive, real-time information that is reachable anytime