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Field Tracking

Using the information as to where field power and the work are, field tracking plays an key role in determining the maximum workload for each worker. There are various field tracking applications that are need to be considered and controlled, such as:

· Location of the vehicles

· Controlling worker’s activities

· Scheduling of the works and distribution of workload

· Ensure driving safety

· Inventory Control

· Viewing appropriation ledger

The industries and applications for which field tracking is actively used are:

· In telecommunication sector, for employing technicians for installing a line and cable spanning,

· In health sector, for managing home care services for disabled or elderly people

· In gas industry, for employing engineering in case any gas leakage occurs.

· In the heavy industry, mining, production plant and etc.…, for carrying out the maintenance and repairing of the machines

· In companies, that offer services such as landscaping, house cleaning, and etc.…

Carrying out Field Tracking requires:

· Clients should clearly define their expectancies.

· Supplying the necessary products and mechanism that the company lacks

· Ensuring the work safety in the field

· Budget allocation for the project

· Possessing decent level of technology and the database for enhancing labor productivity

The company can keep track the activities of field force, via various types of software. Even though the field so much far away from where the company is located, company can track and grade the worker activities and field power can enter data into the systems, via the software. Field Tracking can be carried out with exchanging reports and images online, as well. It may cause severe troubles if a company fails to keep informed about the field force. With field tracking, the different components of the company, working in different locations can work in a perfectly coordinated manner like all organs in our body can. Considering these factors, you can clearly see how important the field tracking is.