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Process Automation

Our company; Process Automation holds the leading position in its sector within the region, demonstrating its mastery. Being ahead of all the other companies in terms of quality and safety, Unique Automation has proved that it is better than all the other Automation companies. As Unique Automation, we carry on our projects with our good material, experienced staff, and qualified workers. All works, carry out by Process Automation, are conducted with diligence and accuracy.

Besides helping you save money, Process Automation aims to prevent you from financial and emotional damage. Troubles have been doubled due to economic fluctuation. In such conditions, demand for Process Automation increases so much that it overburdens the simple organizing functions. Your Process Automation becomes more than just a tool you utilize for managing your company; but It begins to serve as a tool that minimizes the energy consumption, reduces the costs and emission rates, supports production decision and prepares your plant and operations for the future.

Areas of Usage of Process Automation

Our company, Unique Automation demonstrates its quality and collaboration through its works. Basic and Detailed Engineering, Factory Production Tests, Field Tests, Assembling and Disassembling, Montage Supervision, Documentation, Training Programs, Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair Service, Motion Control Systems, Velocity Control Systems…

PLC, SCADA, HMI software and programing services, Automation Panel Production, Project and Engineering Services, Factory Electricity Projects and Commitment, Compensation Panel Production, Compensation Tracking, Special Machine Production…

We’d like to share our projects concerning Process Automation. We carry on our works for your satisfaction. Process Automation is an important subject that is needed to be considering with diligence. To get more information about Process Automation you can contact us. In case you contact us, you will be able to get all detailed information from our experts. Once you contact us, our experts and experienced staff will be ready to do some research and analysis in the field where you choose. After researching analysis, projects are accomplished and submitted to you, our customers.

With its great staff and qualified workers, our company has been leading and pacesetter one, among all the companies. With the activities, it has carried out, and the projects in progress, our company, Unique Automation keeps rendering service to our customers