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Process Monitoring

In the most common sense, proses monitoring can be described as a performance control of the procedures and tasks, which is performed for enhancing productivity and quality of the output, within a period for reaching the goals. In other words, proses monitoring keeps track of the process that involves steps from defining the necessary components right after the gestation, to the realization of the project. In case of any possible failure, a decent process monitoring helps preparing more powerful substructures for the next projects. From this point of view, process monitoring is the just opposite of process prediction.

For a healthy process monitoring;

· Initial requirements of the project should be supplied,

· Current project implementation should be defined,

· Milestones should be obtained for taking firm steps forward,

· Reached milestones should be reviewed and compared with the milestone goals that is set before,

· The Comparison reports should be assessed,

· The experiences, gained from the process and elements that may be useful for performance enhancement should be listed.

Possessing a powerful process monitoring means that the company has the formula for achieving the potent output; or in other words that the company has the ability to define the right path to the correct and quality destination. Moreover, the gained formula not only stays applicable to the next projects but also, as long as it is available, it helps keeping the company together even though important members of the company are missing. Because of the fact that it is not belongs to any person but to the company. As a consequence, process monitoring prevents possible states of chaos and minimizes the possible problems by preventing repeated mistakes.

Despites the many advantages it provides, some may perceive this process as a restriction of freedom; but for getting quality and pleasing outputs, someone should monitor these processes anyhow. For these purposes, it is necessary to keep report in a decent way. In the worst scenario, in case getting behind in set milestones, the project is transferred. In addition, after this incident, making progress could not be possible because changing the process of progress is also something troublesome.