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Special Machinery Production

· It might sound surprising that many engineering, however they are experienced and talented, could have difficulties with questions about the production process in their company. Production process of the specific machines could be divided into 3 different categories which are: Repetitive Production Discrete Production Job Shops

Let’s explain these processes.

Repetitive Manufacturing Process

One of the special machinery production processes, repetitive manufacturing process is a mass production type that is generally used for manufacturing the same special machinery or similar product groups that are intertwined with each other, all year around. It is customer decision to make whether the process would be accelerated or decelerated. Compared the other types of processes, this process requires lower installation cost and smaller changes; because of the fact that it concerns the similar types of products. In case the production line fails to meet customer’s demands, another production line is added. If the amount of the production lines exceeds the demands, the new production line can be used for production of the different products.

Discrete Manufacturing Process

This production process may include wide range of production types. This type of production, in some case, requires simple installation and less change, in some other case, however, it requires complex installation and more frequently changes. Special machinery production could be quite different from each other, thus more the difference there are the more complex installations and frequent changes are to be needed. As you can see, it is just opposite of the repetitive manufacturing process.

Job Shops

In the process called Job Shops, companies have production areas instead of production line. In that area, only one or dozens version of the product could be assembled. In case the demand grows, might be shifted to discrete production process and labor force could be reinforced with automatic systems.

These three types of special machinery production processes are generally used for mechanical, electromagnetic, electronic and software-based equipment. The production could be both repetitive and discrete. Those who design the repetitive production process should pay attention for equipment that would perform the process, rather than designing of the machinery production. As a matter of fact, longer the production goes as repetitive, the more useful the automation of the equipment in the

production area would be. In this type of the production, workers rarely touch on the products, but they usually control if equipment work efficiently.