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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the name for control systems, integrated with technologies like computer and robotic machines. They are utilized when dealing with difficult and different works that human labor is not sufficient for. After mechanization, it is the second step on the way of industrialization.

In the past, Industrial Automation used to be the systems that utilized machines and computers working 7/24 for output growth. Beside, considering workers amount that is sufficient enough to produce same output that machines can produce, it wouldn’t surprising costs of workers’ salaries were higher. Todays, however, thanks to Industrial Automation, higher quality and flexibility in production process are achievable. For example, if assembling of pistons and engines are carried out by human labor, error rate would be about 1 – 1,5%. But Industrial Automation have decreased this rate down to 0.00001%.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Large Production Capacity

Even though there some company that manage to sustain production 24 hour in a day, thanks to three-shift operation, they still have to take break for bank holidays or maintenance. However, for a plant that utilizes Industrial Automation, the not-stop production, in whole year, can be achievable.

  • High Production Quality

Industrial Automation eliminates the human-induced failures. Unlike humans, computers and robots will not fatigue, will not be distracted, thus getting high production quality will be possible.

  • High Flexibility

It might be challenging to add new functions into human labor based workspace. Training current workers or employing other workers that can handle the new trends, may cause problems when leaping forward. Here is what the flexibility, provided by Industrial Automation for. The robots can be easily modified and programmed in comply with the new process.

  • High Rate of Referential Integrity

The data that is collected by robots and machines during working process, can be really useful at taking accurate decisions for critical moments.

  • High Safety

Major troubles concerning the work safety will be eliminated, because of the fact that the machines and robot will be used for hazardous tasks in the production process. Despite all these advantages, one of he most prominent disadvantages of Industrial Automation is that its setup cost is high.