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UNİQUE ENDÜSTRİYEL OTOMASYON is a prominent firm which is expert at automation technologies concerning industrial and scientific applications, has accomplished and succeed many projects both inboard and abroad. It continues its activities with an increasing trend by keeping sectoral experience of its experienced stuff open to the new technologies.

Established in 2009, Unique Otomasyon, with its professional stuff, and by working tandem with its manufacture partners, and its professional stuff, has managed to be one of the leader company in sensors and detectors industry within Turkey. As a brand; keeping up with necessity of time by pitching quality product in appropriate price and submitting it fast and prioritizing customer satisfaction Unique Otomasyon Sistemleri is proceeding step by step for its goal of achieving the worldwide success like it achieved in Turkey.

Since its founding, with its professional stuff Unique Otomasyon Sistemleri proceeds on the way of being a Worldwide company that is permanent in Turkey and effective around the World, by collecting the energy requiring new investments, from satisfaction of its customer.

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